We are expecting 55 000 concert-goers on the day of the event and the roads to the city and within and the park gates will be crowded at times. The concert is on a weekday and public transportation will be filled with commuters as well. We recommend arriving early and enjoying the services of the venue.

More information for taxis and people dropping off concert guests can be found below the map - please read instructions carefully.


  • Vanajantie: one-way street from the city center southwards, no traffic will be allowed on Vanajantie starting from the afternoon.

  • Vanajantie will be closed early evening so the Drop-off point for vehicles will not be in use after the concert. If you have persons picking you up after the concert, the best plan is to agree to meet e.g. at the city center (this does not concern patrons with disabilities).

  • Route VT10 near Kantola will be closed before the concert ends to ensure a smoother departure for vehicles leaving the area.

Click on the map for a larger image!

Click on the map for a larger image!


A taxi drop-off is available for taxis at the intersection of Vanajantie and Puusepänkatu, through the center of Hämeenlinna. Note! Only taxis with a taxi sign on the roof can drive to Vanajantie. On the day of the event, the Vanajantie is a one-way street, which means that the drop-off point cannot be accessed through Highway 10 (VT10).

From here, concert guests can reach the main gate by following signage along Puusepänkatu. Taxi drop-off serves both on arrival and departure, and is only allowed for taxis and taxis for people with reduced mobility. You can find the location on the map above.


There will be a regular drop-off point at the beginning of Vanajantie (arriving from direction of Hämeenlinna city center). You can stop here and leave guests during the day before the gates open (at 3 PM), after which driving on Vanajantie will be closed from vehicles. Therefore, after the concert, guests cannot be picked up from Kantola. There is very limited space in the area and the area will be congested on the day of the event, so we recommend that you reserve time to operate around the area. You can find the location of the drop-off point in the day on the map above.

Please note that after the concert you will not be able to pick up the concert guests from Vanajantie, so you might want to set up a meeting point e.g. in the city center for pick-up.

If you have any concerns or questions, you can email us at kantola(at), or post your question to the Facebook event.