Kantola Event Park is located in the city of Hämeenlinna, about an hour from Helsinki and Tampere. The easiest way to arrive to Hämeenlinna is by train or bus. Event Park is only approx. 3 km from the city center, the railway station and bus station.

At 3 PM gates to the concert area open, security checks will start and restaurants and other sales points will also open. On the day of the event in Hämeenlinna, 55,000 concert guests are expected to celebrate with Metallica, so the city walkways and, in particular, the entrances to the venue will be congested from time to time so please reserve time, patience and party mood upon arrival. On the day of the event, there are several temporary traffic arrangements in Hämeenlinna, so please read through the arrival instructions carefully. The concert day will be on Tuesday, which will also congest train traffic from normal commuter traffic. For these reasons, we recommend that you arrive early in the day to enjoy the event area as soon as gates open at 3 PM and enjoy the atmosphere of Metallica's gig with other fans!


  • Several toilet areas

  • Two licenced areas, one larger right next to the main entrance and other one to the left of the main gate

  • Licenced area have a deposit system of 1 € - you can return your cans to the selling points or separate deposit points

  • Food areas have been placed around the area

  • Two water points

Approximate site map.

Approximate site map.