Metallica's concert is held in Hämeenlinna, Kantola's event park. The Kantola Event Park is located within walking distance of the center of Hämeenlinna in a 9.5 hectare park on the Vanajavesi River, in the industrial area of Kantola.

We recommend that you come early during the day to enjoy the concert and the event area. The easiest way to get to Hämeenlinna on the concert day is by public transport. You can reach the Event Park through the walking route of Vanajantie-Kantolankatu-Luukkaankatu-Puusepänkatu. You can reach the area by walking or by bike. Main gate is located on Puusepänkatu.

We recommend reserving plenty of time for arrival. The walking distance from Hämeenlinna train station and bus station to the main gate is about 3 kilometers. We strongly recommend booking tickets from VR ( in advance. We will get more information about train schedules later this summer. Also, keep a look out for bus trips from the local transport companies.